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Proper introduction from me to the group

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Proper introduction from me to the group

Post by DevilDOC on Mon Aug 09, 2010 8:42 pm

Hello "The Madden Group." Finally i have found, from what i've read, a great organization of mature dedicated Madden Players. While i was reading through the forums on EA Sports I came found your post. It was nothing fancy but it did give me enough info to look into your group further. I'm impressed on how The Madden Group is put together and would like to join. For a year now i have been looking for a group like this but thats harder to find than a needle in a hay stack. Luckly the sun shines on a dogs ass every once in a while. sunny

How long has The Madden Group been around?
Is there a Trial Member period?
Would it be a problem that i am and have been a member of an established clan? (www.clanrttc.com)

Little about myself...I am an XBOX Player and i love being (what PC gammers call) a "thumb jockey" GT= RTTC DevilDOC. I am associated with "Rotten to the Core" for more than a year now, which is a multi gaming clan/community. Former Navy Corpsman and am currently working on a Fire department so my scheduling for gamming varies from week to week. What i can bring to this Group? Loyalty, leadership, and to set an example for other players.
I will be online tonight for the release of Madden @ 0030 cst. If anyone is feeling froggy enough send me a message to my GT.
Anyways im looking forward to getting to know and game with The Madden Group here.

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Greta to have you!!!

Post by GREENERRRR on Mon Aug 09, 2010 9:35 pm

The Madden Group was formalized last year - but we kind of ran by the seat of our pants - 7 online franchises - 160+ members - exclusivlely on the PS3... We recognized that SIM players needed a place to meet and play one in and other... Online Franchise just seemed the Natural fit...

With the solid base of SIM players we had from Madden 10 - We created a more structured enviorment with the Madden Group - We formalized our Universal SIM rules and developed a Governing Council to ratify rules, policy and procedure... In the end - we have an organization that has stucture, solid membership base with the ability to grow and adapt...

We dont have a "formalized" trial period for NEW MEMBERS - we re-iterate our SIM rules to new members in our welcome message - WE ASK THEM DIRECTLY IF THEY AGREE TO PLAY UNDER THESE RULES (some disappear and we never see again - which is fine)... If they AGREE TO PLAY UNDER THE RULES - we take them at their word... Sure their is going to be the odd clown who isnt really a SIM player - but they are quickly discovered and removed form the group - The demand to join our franchises has made it easy to find replacement players for this kind of guy - but gratefully this hasnt been a huge issue for us - and this is likely due to the process we use to recruit new players (see below)

We do our best to ONLY RECRUIT SIM PLAYERS EXCLUSIVELY - Any refferrals from current members ALWAYS seem to turn out to be 100% quality (this is a continuous avenue of expansion)... In additions we have partnerships with Madden-School (www.madden-school.com) - I run the Madden School SIM SECTION - so we get a lot of players from their forums - and they know we are all about SIM - so the freestylers keep a respectful distance (except for the odd friendly exhibition game challenges LOL!)... In addition we are 1 of only 3 groups recognized by Operations Sports and given access to their Online Franchise section - the posts in this sub-foorum section - clearly indicate that we are SIM... As do our posts that you read at EA sports - therefore we only attract players that wanna be SIM - which minimize possible problems of wrong franchise expectations...

Its been a wonderful co-incidence meeting you - Since last year - our X-BOX cousins have been asking to be part of the Madden Group - til yesterday we have remained exclusive to PS3 - i HAVE ROUGHLY 10 GUYS FROM x-box WHO ARE READY AND WILLING TO JOIN and I am in the process of connecting with them now...- and i am re-connecting with all the players I turned away in the past... Our current issue is finding the right leader to partner with us on this expansion into X-BOX...

Ideally its an experienced guy who already has connections (but it doesnt have to be) - the strength of the Madden Group is its ability to attract HIGH QUALITY -LEGIT - ACTIVE players - so we just need the right person to lead the TROOPS... Up until yesterday i thought i had found that person - I was mistaken - but i had already committed to the X-BOX franchise - so we started the franchise with the anticipation of finding the right X-BOX leader...

Perhaps - DevilDOC u may be that guy - i would like to discuss that possibility - regardless - If you and your "clan" (sorry I am just getting use to X-BOX terminaology) - would like to become part of the Madden Group - We welcome you - as long as each of your members can ACCEPT OUR UNIVERSAL RULES and join us in comraderie around the Madden NFL football game!

DevilDOC - are you interested in being a commish? - if you are - send me PM - and we talk some specifics - in the interim - I hope we can grow our X-BOX division to the same level as our PS3 - we have the recipe - its just a matter of us finding the right chef to cook the dinner -
I am looking forward to hearing more form you!!!

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