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Individual Ranking System for the Madden Group

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Individual Ranking System for the Madden Group

Post by Admin on Sun Aug 08, 2010 7:19 pm

in order to add some excoitement to the Madden Group - We are going to have a Individual Ranking System dedicated EXCLUSIVELY to the Madden Group - When you play a player in the Maddengroup - It will mostly be in Online Franchise play - But can be in exhibition games, Post the results (and any extenuating circumstances like injuries) that MAY have affected the outcome - Indicate if it was in a Fantasy Draft or NON-DRAFY franchise - (In fantasy draft franchises - teams will be seen as equal - but in exhibition games or NON-DRAFT franchises - the rating of the team u played with and that of your opponent will be considered...)

PosT the results of games as a reply to THE thread - Madden Group Rankings - POST GM RESULTS HERE

Pls note - this is separate and apart from the ranking system at the Madden-School - This system is exclusively for the Madden Group - Nevertheless - if both players sign up for the RANKING SYSTEM at Madden School - the results for the games can be used to influence BOTH RANKINGS... I encourage EVERY1 at the Madden Group to confirm their status as a SIM player and parfticpate in the Madden-School rating system as well - All you have to do is make a reply with your PSN ID on the thread called "DIRECTORY of SIM Madden Players" - see link below:



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Re: Individual Ranking System for the Madden Group

Post by bigbuddah on Sun Aug 08, 2010 7:43 pm

The best way for me to weigh these games is with a game summary...it can be brief or very detailed. Depending on the number of games recorded I will try and have the rankings done once a week. But atleast refresh them once a week and do the rankings once every 2 weeks


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