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Week 17 Power Rankings

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Week 17 Power Rankings

Post by VanillaSmooth on Fri Oct 16, 2015 6:43 pm

Sorry fellas I have been really busy and have very little time to even play my games. But here is the final power rankings for season 1. For season two I will try and put out a new power rankings every 3 weeks or so. This power rankings will focus more on the playoff factor descriptions but all the rankings as always are unbiased. Please leave me comments and concerns about your rank

1 Seattle Seahawks They have been in the top 3 of the power rankings all season and have the #1 defense in the league. They have a good mix of ground and pound action and are easily the favorite to come out of the NFC and make it to the super bow1

2 Kanas City Chiefs Coming out of nowhere are the Chiefs. With a 7 game win streak they are the only team to Clinch there conference and get a first round bye. What is even more shocking is that they beat out the Raiders who were easy super bowl favorite a few weeks ago to win their division

3Oakland Raiders Still a top 3 team and the #1 offense in the league the Raiders are easy favorite to make it at least the AFC Championship game. He also will be playing in the wild card game due to not winning his division.(How do you not win your division at 11-4 WOW!) I to who ever plays him in the wild card will most likely have a worse record.

4 New York Giants At 11-4 they still have a chance at not even making the playoffs! WHAT!? Even though i highly doubt that, there is a chance but with this high powered offense who has not one but TWO MVP candidates they are posed for a deep playoff run. They play NFC East Rival Eagles this week who are 6-9 and on a two game win streak

5 Atlanta Falcons Another team who is currently #1 in their division but has a chance to not even make the playoffs rounds out the top 5. They have shown they can win by a lot or they can win only by a few points. With the #2 Offense in the league they will be hard to slow down. But with the worst defense of the top 10 will they have an early exit? They play the Saints week 17 who are one of the hottest teams on the league right now on a 7 game win streak and give the Falcons their first division loss?

6 Dallas Cowboys Lead by MVP candidate A.Rodgers I would be shocked if this team does not make the playoffs. They play NFC East Rival 6-9 Redskins this week who have lost 4 in a row. Will the cowboys be on upset alert after losing in week 16 when they could have clinched the division with a win?

7New Orleans Saints The hottest team in Football right now has a huge game week 17 Vs #5 ranked Falcons. The NFC South has 3 teams with a 10-5 record and all have a chance to win the division and make the playoffs. Can they continue to ride this hot streak or will they be stopped cold in their tracks and miss the playoffs completely?

8 Detroit Lions One of only three teams to clinch their division. The Lions dominated their division by only losing one game and only one game at home. They will be a very dangerous team to watch out for especially if the road to the super bowl goes through Detroit.

9 New York Jets As always the Jets have had one of the top 3 defense in the league and that is what lead them to make the top 10 rankings. Their is a chance that the Jets could not make the playoffs. They play Division rival Bills this week and the winner of that game will win the division! It will be a battle of the defenses as both teams rank in the top 10 on defense

10 Carolina Panthers Rounding out the top 10 are the Panthers. Forming #1 team on this list has a chance to not make the playoffs. With the panthers losing 3 of their last 4 games, 2 of them to division opponents they fall to the 10 spot. They are #2 in the division now and if they beat Division rival Buccaneers this week they will make the playoffs.

BONUS!! Game of the Week!!! New Orleans Saints VS Atlanta Falcons This game is easily the game to watch! With both being 10-5 and the division on the line this will be a very close game. The Falcons who have been a top 5 team all season and the Saints being the hottest team in football right now. There is a chance with the Panthers winning this week that the loser of this game will miss the playoffs!
If the Falcons win they will win division and receive a first round bye.
If the Saints win and Panthers win, the Saints will possibly play the Panthers in the wild card
If Saints win and Panthers loss the Falcons will make the wild card and possibly play again in the wild card.

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