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Chronicpain Seahawks

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Chronicpain Seahawks

Post by GREENERRRR on Tue Oct 13, 2015 1:20 am

Late season 1

He ran between the tackles 80% of the time - my CPU controlled DLINE played awful (and I cannot bring myself to be a DL user player - feels CHZy)
- so I committed 9 and 10 players to run and roamed to cover the pass because DEGENSE was weakest there and 9 / 10 CPU controlled players should stop run...


Somehow he was still able to get yards between the tackles (even vs a 5/4 against a 4WR set! Lol

Anyhow - don't worry about pass like me - just stop the run - he not going to pass (even when 2 DBS are covering 4 WRs)

He play good DECEBSE - he COMMITTS to stopping the run and his CPU controlled LBs are KEUCKLY and HIGHTOWER...

He sits in the ole cover 3 repeat devense from last year - on 3rd and long he goes to cover 4 (all are obvious PRESNAP reads with no attempt to disguise alignment) - my madden 15 counters were not working and I need to invest some time in stopping that obvious stuff - but google it - there probably a dozen videos telling you what to do...

But congrats on him - he beat me solid - good on him
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