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Week 10 Power Rankings

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Week 10 Power Rankings

Post by VanillaSmooth on Sun Oct 04, 2015 4:23 pm

1(+1) Raiders 8-1 A dominate 40-14 win over Vikings thrusts the Raiders back to the #1 spot on this list. Lead by QB D.Carr he threw for 370 yards and 4 TDs with a 100.6 QBR rating. DE K.Mack also lead the team with 3 Sacks.

2 (-1) Panthers 8-1 Win a tight game in OT with a walk off touch down 27-24 win over the Titans. The Panthers fall due to barley getting a win over the 1-7 Titans. HB L.Murray was the player of the game with 2 TDs and 129 yards rushing.

3 (--) Seahawks 7-2 Lead by back up QB C.McCoy throwing for 3 TDs the Seahawks get the 31- 24 win over cardinals. Lossing in total yards the Seahawks had 4 takeaways and thats what lead them to victory.

4(--) Giants 8-2 Stay where they are at with a forced sim over pats

5(+3) Cowboys 6-3 The biggest jump and biggest win the Cowboys move up 3 spots and find them selves in the top 5 with a 51-7 win over buccaneers. Lead by QB A.Rodgers throwing for 400+ yards and 6 TDs there was no stopping Dallas

6(--) Falcons 6-3 Falcons stay where they are at as they had a bye this week. They play the Colts in week 11

7(+2) Benglas 6-3 The Bengals show they deserve a spot on this list moving up 2 spots with a 48-14 win over texans. Lead by the AFC players of the week on both sides of the ball. CB S.Smith AFC Defensive player of the week 3 INTS AFC Offensive player of the week QB A.Luck 6 TDs

8(+2) Jets 6-3 Jets win a nail bitter 16-10 over the bills in OT. Forcing 3 takeaways and scoring 2 rushing TDs, the Jets win in classic Jets fashion

9(new) Chiefs 6-3 Coming out of no where is the Kanas City Chiefs with a 17-10 win over division rival Denver Broncos. Riding RB A.Peterson who averaged 8.8 yards a carry they where able to come out with the win despite giving up 337 total yards.

10(new) Steelers 6-4 The Steelers find them back in the top ten with a 27-17 win over division rival browns. Living up to their nickname ( The Giants Killer) knocking off the formal #5 team Browns off this list. Dominating the Run and Pass game the steelers head into a bye week after beating both the Raiders and the Browns.

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