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Week 6 Power Rankings

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Week 6 Power Rankings

Post by VanillaSmooth on Sun Sep 27, 2015 11:21 pm

Ok guys I am back at it again with the top 10! I had stopped in the past due to people not reading them. So please leave feed back and keep reading if you find it interesting. #10 is split pretty even with there being 5 teams from each conference and 8 players find themselves in the top 10 ten with a division rival!! So here are your WEEK 6 power rankings!!

#1 Oakland Raiders 5-0 Are the last Remaining UNDEFEATED team, with the #2 ranked offense and the #5 ranked defense this team is gonna be hard to beat! Lead by second year QB Derek Carr they have shown that they are early super bowl favorites.

#2 Seattle Seahawks 5-1 The Seahawks have shown they are a force to be reckoned  with. Led behind rookie RB Todd Gurley the Seahawks find themselves #2 on the list winning with old fashion smash mouth football. With the #4 ranked defense and Gurley being a top rusher in the carries the Seahawks can beat you on both sides of the ball

#3 Cleveland Browns 5-1 After trading away their #1 overall pick QB R.Wilson no one would think that the Browns would still be this high on the list. That is only because of their #2 Defense in the league. They have shown they will make you turn the ball over with an astonishing 17 interceptions already. We will see if they can keep it up

#4 New York Giants 5-1 The Giants find themselves being only one of two teams on this list that do not have a division rival on this list. That is because they already have an impressive 4 Division wins already!! They don’t blow you away with any great stats on individual performances, they just win football games
4 division wins

#5 Carolina Panthers 4-1 Coming off of a bye week the panthers need to show they are a top 5 team in this league. Loosing to the #2 Seahawks a week ago the Panthers show they can hang with the best of them. Lead my rookie QB M.Mariota this team has a lot of upside with the #6 ranked defense led by JJ Watt.

#6 Atlanta Falcons 4-2 With the #1 offense the falcons have shown they will just outscore you. That is not that hard when you have QB Tom Brady leading your team. With a nice mix of run and pass the Falcons have shown they can beat you a numerous ways being the top 2 lose team on this list and just under division rival panthers.

#7 San Francisco 49ers 4-2 No one would have though the 49ers would be doing this well with a rookie QB J.Winston leading the league in interceptions on the year they still have the #4 ranked offense in the league. That isnt that hard when you have WR AJ Green to throw the ball to. We will see if they can stay in the top 10 with #2 Division rival Seattle

#8 Indianapolis Colts 4-2 The Colts are the only top 10 team that is coming off a lose but never the less they still have the #7 offense in the league. With arguably one of the best receiver cores in the league second year QB B.Bortles has a lot of options to throw the ball too.

#9 Kanas City Chiefs 4-2 The chiefs coming in at #9 on the list show that even though they have #1 undefeated Oakland raiders in their division that they should not be taken lightly as they have not lost at home this season. With 3 QBs having thrown a TD pass for the chiefs, they still have a lot to figure out before they can be considered a contender in the AFC

#10 Pittsburgh Steelers 4-2 The Steelers just barley make the list as they are the last 4 win team. Just barley scoring more points than they have given up they are still a 4 win team and should be taken seriously. HB D.Robinson is their leading rusher and leading pass catcher, the Steelers need to show they deserve this #10 spot and not give it up next week.

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Re: Week 6 Power Rankings

Post by RIPxPatTillman40 on Mon Sep 28, 2015 9:45 pm

Great read n appreciate the work you put in, dont get used to not seeing the Philadelphia Eagles not on this list we will get everything figurd out soon and a quik turn around is on the horizon


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