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How we decide who is in DELTA and GAMMA lgs in madden 2016

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How we decide who is in DELTA and GAMMA lgs in madden 2016

Post by GREENERRRR on Thu Jun 04, 2015 11:12 pm

This is the time of year when more and more players approach me about being in our FANTASY DRAFT for the new madden release - we are the only league that I know of that has proven to have 32 LIVE HUMANS at their fantasy drafts (and we have done this four years in a row) - so we get overwhelmed with requests!

I am going to break up names of players into various groups (these groups will be given priority in joining league)

1 - LONG TERM PLAYERS (who play year round)
- RIPpatillman, the_Aswer (aka cassiusrocknroll), BEASTEMODE, sim-auto572, the_king_slayr (aka General_hon), bigboitnu, Knoji, QDiggity, RAMBROBLACK, cantbBeat83, Fredrocks, ishitonnpplo3, fastdntLie ( aka Dcolon), chronicpain, krovkgizmo, FBM_tuffies (aka footballman2), robitronaddict (aka iamwastedtothemax), crankitupp, Freaknasty, popkorm8, mattyrock, doggfather1, GREENERRRR

These are players who have been with us CONSISTANTLY and play year round - these are our core members who have proven 100% loyal and reliable...

* this is 23 spots right here...

2a - NEW GUYS who recently joined and are playing year round currently
- tureal2forget, childisfrabino, vanillasmooth12 (aka I_Love_Areolas), VenoTheGreat, DopeBoiFresh, Pcola_426, SDchargers373, dabrickwall39,

* these 8 players joined mid year - they have been given the chance to show they are committed / year round players who follow our rules...

2b - VETERAN PLAYERS (who left our league early or did not play this year)

- BLD_RUNS_ORANGE, browardgoons, calidew, charliehustle, chizz522, ciRooklyn, coneyislandblack, ct2384, edibleEs, fhpt317, funsmasher, grimxreefer, Hpee, iMan, JRUU, K15Nichols, kavorka2, killuminatti, kimo-realist, maddening, mos3kid, puck39, rc_brooks, resjard, ripfme2pjh, RO_--_88, sicknation, spin360, the trumpbailout, tomer620, tro84, wolvie19,

* these 31 players may have started in our league or played in previous years... This group may increase as more guys upgrade to ps4


* any player reffered to us by current members will be placed in this groups priority!

4 - RANDOMS unknown to the group who are looking to join...

As you can see, our first league will be filled easily... Unfortunately there will be not enough spots for all the quality players listed above in Delta league...

It is clear - solely based on these current numbers that we could have a second league... IF I AM GOING TO RUN THIS LEAGUE - I DO NOT WANT IT TO BE CONSIDER A "secondary" LEAGUE TO DELTA! It will be run in the exact same way and there will be many players that play in BOTH leagues...

Important thing is that GAMMA league will give more guys a chance to play in a top quality FANTASY DRAFT league.  

I will make sure GAMMA league is run as well as DELTA but I could use the help of a few "co-commishes" to lighten the workload - IF YOUR INTERESTED IN TAKING A LEADERSHIP ROLE IN GAMMA LEAGUE - hit me back ASAP!

IF YOUR A FORMER PLAYER I DID NOT MENTION - reply below and I will move you into the 2b category...

Plus there are lots of FANTASTIC PLAYERS that current members may know or play with in other leagues (many of those players are in a league that is currently struggling - we would love to have them apart of Gamma league!)
* Lets get as many QUALITY REFFERALS into this league (If you know of someone that would fit in great with us - and enjoys FANTASY DRAFT - this is his chance to get in on the ground level) - this league will be as good as Delta if we bring in the right players!

So if your interested or know of someone who is interested - send them this link and get them to reply to this thread!

I can also be reached via text at 289 241 4968
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