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How to RECORD Madden on ps4 - step by step

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How to RECORD Madden on ps4 - step by step

Post by GREENERRRR on Sun Nov 02, 2014 5:41 pm

I am making this post - with youtube videos to show guys exactly how to record madden footage on their ps4

Being able to record Madden footage does two things for you:

1) Forces guys to be accountable to the rules.  If players know that you are recording games, and that you will use that footage to hold them accountable for breaking rules, THEY ARE LESS LIKELY TO BREAK LEAGUE RULES - its a great detterent!

2) Making SCOUTING REPORTS on key rivals - (especially divisional rivals) will help you get to the playoffs!
- tell the league how best to attack your rivals! Point out rival's strengths / weaknesses...
- Show tactics that you can exploit vs them or conversely show the key plays that they rely on in important situations!


The first video I am posting shows you exactly how to record VIDEO FOOTAGE,,, You can see exactly what i am talking about in the video below - and i will expalin it step by step here as well!


1) when you kickoff DOUBLE CLICK the SHARE button on your controller (this is found to the upper right of the D pad)

When you start recording you will see a RECORDING icon briefly appear on your screen in the upper left corner - this will record the last 15 minutes of gameplay...

2) Because it only records 15 minutes of gameplay you must SAVE each 15 minute segment to your ps4... so at the end of every quarter hit the SHARE button once (it will open up a blue screen) - then hit X on the UPLOAD VIDEO option - YOUR LAST 15 MINUTES OF GAMEPLAY IS NOW SAVED!

at that point push the PS button and rejoin your game and double click SHARE again to start the recording process over for the next quarter (and the subsequent 15 minutes will be recorded) - repeat this at beginning of every quarter!

This upload process takes less then 5 seconds!!! Get in the habbit of doing this at the end of every quarter!


1) single click the SHARE button

2) push X on the UPLOAD VIDEO

3) Scroll over to the appropriate video you want to see - and push OPTIONS on your controller - then press X on PREVIEW

4) USE YOUR CELL PHONE or IPAD to record the video off your TV - then you can email - post on GROUPME - text (if its short enough) or UPLOAD to YOUTUBE so you can send a URL of the that video to anyone to view!!!

Note: if you forget to double click share to officially start recording video - simply push
SHARE and then UPLOAD VIDEO and the game will save the last 15 minutes of your gameplay!
* so even if you are not recording game but your opponent breaks a rule - just follow these steps within 15 minutes of its occurrence and you will have the proof saved!

See these steps performed in the following video:

The other option is UPLOAD the video directly to YOUTUBE or FACEBOOK...

- to do this you must have your PS4 linked with your social media sites (plenty of videos on how to do this - just google it)

- push the SHARE button - push UPLOAD VIDEO CLIP
- go to the highlight you want to upload (u can check to see if it's the correct video by pushing OPTIONS then preview video)
- once you have found the video - select it and choose FB or YOUTUBE
- provide the info about the video you want to describe your highlight on FB or YOUTUBE!

Step by step video coming soon!
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