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Annual CALL OF DUTY is here! If your LG is dieng

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Annual CALL OF DUTY is here! If your LG is dieng

Post by GREENERRRR on Sun Nov 02, 2014 5:11 pm

Well the day is here again! The annual release of Call of Duty and sadly it will be the demise of many leagues... And for the guys who bail on these leagues i say "shame shame shame on you!!!"

there is always a handful of great, year round players that end up getting screwed because a bunch of guys leave LGs to go play COD! If this is you - i feel terrible for you...

The problem is that there is many leagues that start off with great intentions and for the first couple months they are great - but when the first round of guys who dont play madden year round start to drop off with the release of COD, there arent enough guys willing to take over teams in these leagues (because everyone is looking for players - high demand for replacement players and low supply) - and ultimately this causes the weaker LGs to start to die off...

But from a Darwinian persepctive - this is maybe not all bad... Afterall the strongest leagues - that dont have many guys bail or LGs that have wait lists will continue to thrive - these are often LGs that are established and have been around for years - LOOK FOR A MULTI YEAR TRACK RECORD OF A LEAGUE PLAYING YEAR ROUND - when deciding on a LG (this is important as any other criteria u use to join a LG!)

there is 1 time a year i recruit on these forums - and its during the ANNUAL CALL OF DUTY EFFECT - Our community has multiple leagues that are currently with varying sizes of wait lists (wait list range from none to 12+ in our LGs...) - WE ARE REACHING OUT TO YEAR ROUND PLAYERS who are caught up in the COD effect and are looking for a place to play year round madden THAT FOCUSES ON SIM STYLE FANTASY DRAFT...

Fantasy draft may not be for everyone - but our leagues have already done that detail - the result is 32 even teams (you dont have the commish and his buddies being all the to and the "new guys" to the league being the weak teams - The main advantage to fantasy draft is that it basicly gives everyone an equally skilled team!

Of course its always ideal to draft your own team then to inherit someone elses roster - and when we have 32 new committed guys we always build more leagues - but in the interim - check us out - maybe see if you can grab an existing team in 1 of our LGs that fits your playing style - ultimately this gets you to be part of our community and puts you in a better spot to join future leagues - plus in subsequent years, membership priority is always given to returning players - which u will have that status...

Pls note - we are a SIM community - so if you only play FREESTYLE then its best you play elesewhere (u would hate playn with us - and we wouldnt want u in our lgs either...)

But if your a year round SIM madden player - send me a PSN message or check out our website... We have a great thing going - and we are always grateful to bring in other dedicated - year round madden players into our community!!!

look me up - my PSN ID is GREENERRRRR
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