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QDiggity - Falcons (chizz league)

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QDiggity - Falcons (chizz league)

Post by GREENERRRR on Fri Oct 31, 2014 12:55 pm

Here is my scouting report for qdiggity - game was played week 3 season 1...

Qdiggity on defense

He is an agressive player - he will try to attack you via the blitz! Especially when he is in a 4-6 despite facing a multi WR set!! So if your in a 3 or 4 WR set and he lines up in 4-6 you need to watch for blitz - see video below:

He mixes up his defensive coverage fairly well between MAN and ZONE... When playing MAN UNDER - he will press (despite having less then effective CBs that can press effectively) - see video below:

Good tactic to runs vs him or anyone - RUN WHERE HE "AINT"... SEE BELOW:

Establish the run game so you can run PLAYACTIOn and you have n advantage... Solid advice vs everyone - including Qdiggity... see video

a second example showing the effectiveness of play action - BUT YOU NEED TO ESTABLISH RUN - if other team doesnt think you will run the ball - they GUESS PASS and that makes your playaction totally ineffective! THE DEFENSE HAS TO BELIEVE YOU COULD BE LEGITIMATELY RUNNING THE BALL!

Qdiggity of OFFENSE

Qdiggity uses presnap reads well to determine what defense your in - then he attacks the fundamental weaknesses of that defense - you need to disguise your defenses so he cannot decide where what he is going to do before the snap... If you disguise your defense well. you could create opportunity of turnovers (providing he doesnt make a good first step read or is over confident with his presnap read which you disguised effectively... See video:

If he is in 4 WR set, that doesnt mean he is abandoning the run!! He will spread you out and then try to run inside handoff up the gut!

Qdiggity will utilize crossing routes well (especially to speedy slot WRs)... Simple concept OUTRUN THE COVERAGE vs man defense - and vs zone HIT THE RECEIVER IN BETWEEN ZONES!!! see video below:

Qdigitty use the whole field... He makes good reads... He generally Takes what is given to him!! - See video below:

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