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PATS - BroadwayBlitz

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PATS - BroadwayBlitz

Post by GREENERRRR on Thu Sep 25, 2014 2:09 am

Joe Inherited his undefeated team and hasn't stop winning...

He basically does all the things that are in the madden challenges....

- He runs a "high Lo read between his two TEs or an inside receiver and a TE or an inside receiver and HB running an angle route...

* the video clearly shows his left TE pushing the MLB deep into zones coverage, the right TE runs into the shallow part of the same MLB zone and is hit for the easy dump off pass...

- counters to this - play a player in the a hook zone and don't let him run you off (but you have to ensure your safety can pick up the TE running the deeper route or he will hit him... (If your safety cannot make this play a good pass rush could force the play as it take a while for the deeper route to develop...)

- solid man coverage can counter this too... (Does not take elite speed - only two 80 something speed TEs on this play and he has no "elite" speed WRs)

* He also runs the "stick" concept that is found in the madden mini games... (This concept has an one releasor running an out and another releasor running a hook)
- this is 2 step drop - quick pass
- if the defender jumps out route - QB throws to the releasor running hook...
- if the defender stays on the releasor running hook, the QB  hit the other player in the flat...

- Counters

1) play cover 2 where there is a player in HOOK and on the flats (but they have to be start close to that zone - if they have to travel far to zone the QB will be able to attack this before these area before the defender gets to in a good spot to defend)

2) press - this is 2 step drop / quick pass concept has it's timing thrown off by press

3) user anticipate - you know your defenders responsibility, anticipate his read and jump his routes with a user play

Note this concept is best used out of BUNCH but he didn't do this...

* When he needed a key first down and it was 3rd and less then 5 - he went to the TRAIL PASS
- this play has slot running a quick slant (his job is to push back and pull over zone players to cover him) then the TE runs a double route, first stage is a flat laterally action but then he cuts almost 150 degrees so he too is slanting across middle of field into the zones that are now vacated because the slot pulled everyone away from that area...

1) user play underneathe zones so they don't get sucked out of position by the slot

* this also helps defend the HB angle route and HB quick out pass he likes to go throw too (I have no video of him doing these routes but you all have seen them)

2) play the SINK zone concept with 5 to 6 players playing underneathe zones...

3) blitz - this two stage route can take a while to develop - effective pass rush can break it up

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Re: PATS - BroadwayBlitz

Post by gpatt55 on Thu Sep 25, 2014 5:14 am

Great post Greener

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Re: PATS - BroadwayBlitz

Post by broadway_blitz on Thu Sep 25, 2014 6:14 pm

Great post lol


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Re: PATS - BroadwayBlitz

Post by chizz522 on Thu Sep 25, 2014 8:49 pm

Nice post

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Re: PATS - BroadwayBlitz

Post by Sponsored content

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