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Week 10 power rankings 2014

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Week 10 power rankings 2014

Post by weasel_ on Mon Sep 22, 2014 10:49 pm

Week 10 power rankings and mid season report

According to madden
1. 9-0 patriots
2. 7-1 Seahawks
4. 6-2 Buccaneers
3. 7-2 Jets
8. 6-3 Colts
5. 6-2 Falcons
10. 6-3 Redskins
9. 6-3 Panthers
7. 5-2-1 Browns
6. 6-2 Dolphins

1. 9-0 Patriots "Broadway_Blitz". Robert Craft out in a call and made Coach an offer he couldn't refuse to come back and keep this team unbeaten after the unexpected departure of modagr who has retired due to undisclosed health issues. Shock waves were sent threw Delta when coach pulls trigger on big move to obtain struggling super star QB Mathew Stafford and his league leading 35 interceptions. The Patriots remain the only unbeaten team at halftime.

2. 7-1 Seahawks "Gpatt". Steady wins the race. The regular season is starting to already look like a formality for the Hawks. They have looked in playoff form on this current 6 game win streak and dropping a 62 spot on the abysmal Raiders in there week 9 matchup. Favorites out west are in driver seat for #1 seed in NFC. Two big games remain with the division rival Cardinals and big matchup looming with the Giants week 10 will define the Hawks season.

3. 7-2 Jets "AlBundy4td1game". Stuck in the East with the #1 team the NYJ are doing a pretty good job keeping pace. The record speaks for it's self. This team built on size and strength is looking like a contender despite the continued shaky QB play by Big Ben Who's among the league leaders in interceptions. Rookie Kelvin Benjamin has been bailing out the bet on man occasions and looks like he might challenge for rookie of the year

4. 6-2 Dolphins "rambro_black" big win week 9 has this team keeping pace with the Jets in the chase for the division. AFC east is looking like one of the toughest if not THE toughest in the division. One of only two teams who run the zone run scheme has been terrorizing opponents in the run game. D Scott has won 3 OPW awards in the first half of the season and leads the league in rushing TDs

5. 6-2 Buccs "K15Nichols" coming off a week 9 loss on the road hasn't hurt this team to much. The defense has allowed the fewest points in the league at the half way point will make plenty of QB uncomfortable down the stretch with the brilliant zone blitzing scheme they run in Tampa.

6. 6-2 Falcons "OhMySully". Tom Brady looking to go out with a bang in Atlanta as he has lead this team into playoff contention. This rookie coach to Delta league has a good balanced offense and tough defense to boot. The critics are looking forward to seeing this team down the stretch

7. 6-3 Colts "Greenerrr" sporting a top flight passing attack this year has the Colts tops in the AFC South. TY Hilton is having a phenomenal seasons projected to have well over 100 receptions on the season. Coach hired a new OC in the offseason as he's been quoted as saying "adapt or die". Which seams to be the new locker room motto for Coach G. Team is favored to win South and challenge for top seed

8. 5-2-1 Browns "WEASEL_". Lose to the worst team in the league then go out and beat the best in the NFC the next. Team is taking a bunch of criticism by the experts for it's lack of pass offense despite Pryor being one of only 5 starting QB with a positive TD to INT ratio. Big game week 10 agains rival coach HON and his Bengals squad which will be for sole possession of 1st place in the North.

9. 6-3 redskins "CharlieHuslte". Tops in the NFC east right now ". Coming off a loss in week 9 looking to regroup down the stretch. The Giants and coach Maddening are looking to strike at this team during this recent mid season slump

10. 6-3 Panthers "Kavorka". The third team from the South rounding out the top ten. Big race in the South with still a bunch of football to play. Keep an eye on this team down the stretch

The league is full of parody and any given Sunday and time can be beaten. At mid season there is still no clear cut front runner who has depressed themselves. The Patriots are still unbeaten but have had a mid season coaching change. Perennial favorites who have been the clear cut 1 & 2 over the last two years both have losing records and some who have been run heavy in the last have changed to a more wode open pass attack. Very hard to predict how the season will play out. I think home field advantage in the playoffs will be important this year and the fight for the top seed should be good in both leagues. Good luck down the stretch boys.


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Re: Week 10 power rankings 2014

Post by Maddening isn't it? on Mon Sep 22, 2014 11:11 pm

Very nice! Though disappointed I didn't make the top ten I can clearly see why. The top ten all deserve their spots an di salute them. Except Charlie of course.
I did enjoy the honourable mention as a big game for #2 gpatt and the fear that Charlie is feeling right now during his slump. Haha can't wait ro see how this season turns out!

Maddening isn't it?

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