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Post by GREENERRRR on Thu Sep 18, 2014 10:56 pm

he runs drags and slants all game to MARSHALL and FITZ which are never missed when RODGERS throws to them...

On Defense he sits in zone - mostly covering all the short routes - occasionally cover 4 - throw underneathe these zones or pick them apart - his CBs can't cover man to man so he rarely plays it

His will run the STICK passing concept to the trips side of the field  (see the in game tutorial for that breakdown) - He follows it TO THE LETTER

- when you anticipate a STICK passing strategy call the COVER 6 DROP in the 3-3-5 that puts a player in a WIDE hook zone - and has a CB in the flats (the CB is in flats fast because he basically lines up in that spot) - this occurs because the weak side OLB moves to flat assignment and the NICKLE CB take on a wider then normal hook zone on the strong side...
- the advantage is that the cover 6 concept brings a hook zone that would generally be on the OPPISITE side of the defense and places it right in front of where the inside receiver does the "stick" route... (This adjustment is done by the CPU because of the trips formation)
- instead of one defender (usually with flat responsibilities) choosing to cover either the flat route or the stick route, there is two defenders picking up both options instantly! The wide Hook defender and the CB in flat picks both threats up quickly!
* there are opportunities for picks on these plays - guys who run stick concept are use to one of the receivers being open, it's doubtful he will look to throw to a third option...

See this strategy utilized perfectly below:

The concept he likes to use the most is a DOUBLE SLANT!
- this concept has an inside receiver running slant and a much wider WR running the exact same slant...
- the concept uses the inside receiver to pull the defense across the field and then the wide WR becomes open in the area that was just vacated by the players trying to cover the inside receiver slant...
- if you user control players to cover inside receiver he throws to the wide WR - conversely if you let the inside receiver go and pick up the outside receiver - he throws to the inside receiver...

Two ways to combat DOUBLE SLANTS:

1) run a zone defense with MULTIPLE underneathe zones like "sink"
- the key is to be dedicated but disciplined to your zones...
- you need to aggressively jump the receiver slanting through your zone but be able to pass him to next zone defender when he vacates your zone... At the same time your players need to be agile enough to readjust to their zone and pick up the outside defender that could be coming into the OPPISITE end of your zone...

2) Play inside shade adjusted Man to Man defense... This way the defenders lock into these slanting receivers and cover them directly... The key ID you must have an INSIDE SHADE, if you do not one if the two receivers will likely have a step on you for an easy completion...
- of course the players playing man defense have to have solid Man to Man skills and the speed / acceleration to keep up with defenders... If they are missing any if these abilities they will not be able to cover the player they are facing

note - both of these strategies can leave you open to the DEEP STREAK and user catch to DEZ BRYANT... So when setting up to stop double slants, anticipate the possibility for the deep pass to BRYANT!

Below is a video showing numerous exams of FHPT317 Using the double slant concept:

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