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New Tackling System in Madden 15

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New Tackling System in Madden 15

Post by GREENERRRR on Sat Jul 26, 2014 2:49 pm

Madden NFL 15 includes all-new tackling mechanics that change the way gamers play defense.


User controlled defenders now have an all-new Tackle Cone that is used to determine if they can complete a conservative tackle. If the user presses A (Xbox One) or X (PlayStation 4) while the ballcarrier is somewhere in defender's Tackle Cone, the defender will engage in a non-big hit tackle animation. Success of this tackle is based on a number of factors, primarily player ratings. that may or may not be successful based on a number of factors. Ballcarriers can attempt special moves to to avoid these tackles. The visual aspect of the Tackle Cone can be turned On or Off in the settings menu.


User-controlled defenders can now decide between aggressive and conservative tackles. By pressing A (Xbox One) or X (PlayStation 4) when a ball carrier is in the defender’s sights, defenders can attempt a Conservative Tackle on the runner.


Aggressive Tackle combines both dive and Hit Stick tackles. If a ball carrier is within three yards of the defender, pressing the Aggressive Tackle button (X on Xbox One, Square on PS4) will trigger a Hit Stick tackle. If the offensive player is outside of three yards, pressing the Aggressive Tackle button will result in a diving tackle attempt.


Align your defender in front of the ball carrier and decide whether or not to go for a conservative or aggressive tackle.

* Final Thoughts

The success of these tackle are based on a number of factors, including player ratings and timing. If a user attempts a tackle before the ball carrier reaches them, they could whiff on the tackle entirely.

The new tackling system creates more decision-making on defense. Do you go for the big hit and potential turnover, or simply wrap up to prevent the big play? These decisions will not only depend on your team’s personnel, but your skill level as well. The choice is yours.
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