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War in the Trenches for Madden 15

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War in the Trenches for Madden 15

Post by GREENERRRR on Mon Jul 14, 2014 3:20 am

The DL play in Madden 15 will be a big part of the game... The controls are enhanced and will require a learning curve for all of us...

To get a leg up on this learning curve, hear are the details of the enhanced defensive player controls (see video for specific demonstration...)

• Press left on the D-Pad to activate the new defensive camera angle.

• Press right on the D-Pad to lock on to a specific player using the defensive camera

• Pull the Right Trigger to receive a small boost off the line but it has to be perfectly timed with the snap otherwise you might go offside

• Use the Left Stick to steer offensive lineman to close up a quarterback’s scrambling lane, or shift offensive lineman’s weight and set them up for a pass rush move.

• When controlling a power defensive lineman, press Square to perform a power move.

• When controlling a speed pass rusher, press the X button when engaged with a blocker to perform contextual finesse moves like spins and swims.

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