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Improvements for Madden 15

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Improvements for Madden 15

Post by GREENERRRR on Mon Jun 16, 2014 11:41 pm

Here are the new features and improvements for the Madden NFL 15

Catch Variety & Pass Inaccuracy

Inaccurate Passes

In the past Madden NFL versions, any quarterback could consistently shred an opposing defence with accurate passes however, in the new Madden NFL 15, that wouldn't be the case. The quarter back accuracy rating, situation and scenario have never been more important in the Madden NFL 15.

Determined by their pocket pressure and accuracy ratings, QBs now throw a number of inaccurate passes, with the level of accuracy ranging from "very inaccurate" to "perfect."  The game is made similar to real life situations wherein there is a much higher chance of being inaccurate when under pressure.

Basically, when players wish to build their offensive strategies they should consult the QBs' three accuracy ratings which are: THA Mid, THA Short and THP Deep. Accurate throwers like Drew Brees and Philip Rivers will be able to pinpoint their throws more efficiently than less accurate counterparts like Eli Manning and Geno Smith.

Moreover, because in the previous versions of Madden, throwing on the run came at a heavy cost, this year, players will have the ability to take advantage of the their QBs athleticism of the pocket. The effectiveness of mobile QBs has been fined tuned to offer greater ability to throw on the run.

Catch Variety

Increased catch variety is one of the new features of the Madden 15. Players will now be able to see both defensive back and wide receivers make efforts to go after inaccurate passes.

Too much air on a curl route means that the receiver needs to leap in an attempt to catch the overthrown ball, rather than just stand and watch the ball sail over
his head.


Call Plays with Confidence

Player can leverage data from millions of online games with all-new crowd-sourced play recommendations.

For instance, if players wish to spread in the field with four wide receivers on third down, there will be some of the plays that get called most often, and their success rates as well.
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