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SEAHAWKS & various teams (dismantling the HAWK JUGGERNAUGHT... )

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SEAHAWKS & various teams (dismantling the HAWK JUGGERNAUGHT... )

Post by GREENERRRR on Thu Mar 13, 2014 1:48 pm

Dcolon has dominated our league from day one... With his success he accumulated more XP then anyone!!! This in turn made his team even stronger (creating a larger disparity between and rest if the league)

To Dcolon credit - he has agreed to retire from Seahawks and take in the challenge of building up another team!

This also gives the opportunity to scale back the jaugernaught Seahawks (and also increase the skill level of the rosters that are struggling the most) - therefore the following roster moves are a WIN / WIN for the betterment of the league...

The players below will be moved from Seahawks to various other teams:

RG3 - cards
RB BLUMBERG - texans
WR THOMPSON - titans
WR OWUSU - cowboys
RG CHIBANE - cowboys

DT ATKINS - bengals
LOLB TOOMER - redskins
CB SHIELDS - bengals
CB MCALEB - cards
SS BRANCH steelers
DE ANSAH - cowboys


- Cards are giving up two first round picks...

- Bengals are giving up their first round pick...

- Cowboys are giving up their first round pick...
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