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Week 11 Jets vs Bills

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Week 11 Jets vs Bills

Post by weasel_ on Fri Sep 27, 2013 4:42 am

Round 2 of the 2014 installment of this rivalry was epic.
The jets kicked off to the Bills which was a big mistake because they quickly jumped out to a 17-0 lead.
A FG on there first drive then a big fumble by Gates on a first down conversion gave the bills the ball back. CT2384 smellin blood called a QB sneak on a 4th and goal play to go up 10 instead of 6. They quickly got the ball back again on a failed go wrote by Reggie bush and made the game 17-0 mid way threw the second qt. The jets first got on the scoreboard with a big TD run by Arian Foster right before the 2 min warning.

3rd qt the jets scored first and last to end the qt only down a FG. Finally the game broke there way and a big interception by AJ Klein set up a quick scoring chance for the jets to take the lead. Back and forth the scoring went till down 4 RG3 throws the go ahead touchdown for the bills with :55 left on the clock for the Jets. Pryor them lead his 5th fourth qt comeback of the season with big play strikes to get into FG range with the clock running at :22 seconds left a me one timeout in the bills 35. I figured why not go for the win right here and called a halfback go with all other options going to the sideline. Arian Foster got behind the safety who was busy spying Pryor for the long TD with 7 seconds left in the clock. Squib kick. Incomplete pass. Ball game.

He'll of a game !


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