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ishitonpplo2 - PANTHERS

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ishitonpplo2 - PANTHERS

Post by GREENERRRR on Sat Sep 21, 2013 10:17 pm

ishitonpplo2 is a lot better playter then his record and prior year repuatation suggests! HE IS FAR FROM AN EASY WIN!

WE HAD AN INADVERTAIN DC - and he was winning 13-0! (i couldnt buy a break - and he was playing well...) when we restarted - he INSISTED that we play ZERO - ZERO (even though i told him i that he shoudl get his points...) butr to his credit- HE RESTARTED THE GAME ZERO - ZERO and that ended up biting him in the ass - BUT HUGE RESPECT TO HIM - most guys would have took the points (which there is no shame in...) - but starting zero - zero I GIVE HIM FULL CREDIT FOR - KUDOS!

As always - he moves the rock on the ground well... Looks to run inside handoffs vs DIME and DOLLAR defenses...

Be careful who has in at QB - he will slip TEBOW in (instead of TEBOW) and tries to do QB run plays - He hasnt perfected the read option yet - but when he does this could be a deadly change of pace tactic for him...

When he throws the ball - he looks to hit the SLOT in crossing routes - so USER COVER that player in 3rd and long...

He has STEVEN JACKSON at FB so look for big runs by the FB - and he showed he could run the veer triple option - that could be a real big advantage if he developed it more (especially with JACKSON being the upback - u have to honour him as both a blocker and a ballcarrier - THATS DEADLY!)

In our first game where we ended up having a DC - he play disciplined - and took multiple sacks instead of throwing into coverage - however in the second game he did force a couple of passes that ended up being picked off...

Plus a couple times he tried to scramble but ended up causing an even bigger loss then if he would have just took the sack - but i am sure thats nothing that happens consistently...

he looks to use the HIT STCIK and does it well - plus he has a couple players with nice HIT POWER - Rey Maluaga and rookie SS Thomas are players u wanna watch... but these big hits can be cause big runs when he misses - but he is pretty accurate with HIT STCIK so dont count on a miss - and cover that ball up!

in the end ishitopplo2 is a solid player - that you need to respect - if you dont he will HURT YOUR PLAYERS WITH BIG HITS - and can squaeeze a win out vs anyone in this league!
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