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Linemen Blocking Downfield? WOW its in the game!

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Linemen Blocking Downfield? WOW its in the game!

Post by GREENERRRR on Mon Aug 26, 2013 7:14 am

In prior maddens it was RARE to see a linemen blocking downfield - BUT IN MADDEN 25 IT APPEARS EA HAVE CORRECTED THIS - no longer do linemen engage in meaningless SUMO wrestling for the duration of the play - the linemen look to block the most dangerous player (based on their assignment) and if there is nobody in their vicinity they move down field and blow up some safeties! (and these blocks vs DBs are total pancakes - like they should be...)

I haven't decided if the skill of the linemen actually matters - definitely some debate there - very well could be that all linemen block in a similar way (regardless of ratings...)

This improvement's timing is great with the expansion of READ OPTION in the NFL - The READ OPTION offense is essential for linemen to "never give up on a play" and make those extra blocks at the second and third levels - it brings a more realistic feel to that style of offense....

But i am happy to see linemen DOING THEIR JOB (and this makes the skill of RBs being able to follow their blocks more valuable,,,) - holding down speedburt as soon as the RB touches the ball will often result in outrunning your blocks - The ability to set up your blocks - is going to be a key to running the ball successfully in M25!

I ran a COUNTER-TREY and it was nice to see the pulling Gaurd and tackle get around the edge and escort me downfield (pile-driving safeties) as i trotted in the end zone - I am going to love running this play!
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