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Every Year I am Reminded why despise Madden Lobbies (& love our leagues!)

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Every Year I am Reminded why despise Madden Lobbies (& love our leagues!)

Post by GREENERRRR on Mon Aug 26, 2013 4:42 am

With the advent of season ticket - there is a 1 to 2 week window where i have the brand new version of Madden (and i am eager to play...) but none of my leagues have started yet - SO I AM FORCED INTO PLAYING LOOBY GAMES AND PLAY NOW!

I have played 5 games in `play now`while i have had Madden Early Release - and all but 1 of those games was complete frustration - Crazy 4th down gambles and unrealistic gameplay!!!! It really make me appreciate the leagues i have been in for 5 Madden seasons - During the 50 weeks of league play, I take for granted that my opponent that my opponent will play legit (follow our SIM code...) and wont bail on a game when losing!

Not to mention I am forced into playing STOCK ROSTER - (which stinks for an avid Fantasy Draft player...) - but our leagues fantasy draft will be starting soon - IN SEPTEMBER I WILL DO AT LEAST 5 FANTASY DRAFTS (and i love doing them - but its a once a year thing and we do them all at the same time - when the game is released,,,) - although this year - when )S4 comes out in NOV - we will get in a few more...

Anyhow - I am sure i am not the only SIM player who has been frustrated with this... Necessary evil i suppose... At least with game release more league members will have the game and i will be able to play them in exhibition games (instead of going to the weak ass lobbies!)
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Re: Every Year I am Reminded why despise Madden Lobbies (& love our leagues!)

Post by albundy4td1game on Thu Aug 29, 2013 12:06 pm

Yea man been playing lobby games its terrible... Same 5 plays over and over... If i have to face yet another fucking bullshit screen pass for the 100th time and still not able to stop it im gonna lose it... lots of 4th down gambles.... non stop hurry up the whole game.... same 2 defenses every snap.... crazy blitzs.... its wack.... not to mention it seems very choppy online when im playing


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