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3 Simple ways to light up the scoreboard

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3 Simple ways to light up the scoreboard

Post by Dcolon on Tue Jul 16, 2013 12:02 am

1. Be an all around Player
Run and pass is key, being able to do both keeps defenses honest. One of the tricks i use to be a diverse player and keep the defense guessing
is having good audibles!!!!!! if i have a good passing play i make sure i find a decent run in the same formation and vice versa with a running play. i also utilize screen plays in all formations i use having you audibles perfected is KEY!!!!!!!

Picking plays are easy, adjusting to all options is the hard part !!! one thing i do with all plays i pick i make sure i can hot route based on any defense i see.
one thing i do is make sure i utiilize my running back and full back in all hot routes Those two postions are often forgot about sending them on variations of streaks and outs are very hard to defend.

3. PlayMaker !!!!
knowing how to playmaker can save you but mastering it can turn you from mediocre to a beast. SO People use playmaker to save them when in trouble what i do is totally different, i run plays just to playmaker i read the defense and when i see someone over playing i go to one of my audibles where i know i can playmaker quickly having plays where u know who ur using to playmaker makes you deadly.


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