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Stopping QB Read Option in Madden 25

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Stopping QB Read Option in Madden 25

Post by Admin on Sun Jul 14, 2013 7:40 pm

The option offense is as old as "dirt" in regards to football - but with increased althleticism at the QB position it has become more in vogue for the last 2 years in the NFL...

EA sports was eager to bring this dynamic to the offensive game - but the easy defense of this system was left out - which ultimately left player having to make USER plays to stop this style of offense - when really it should be a SIMPLE responsibility for 2 players...

In real football the PRIMARY CONTAIN player (often the DE) would take the QB on any option play - I tell my HS DEs exactly this "if the other team wants to run option to your side - THERE IS A TAX TO BE PAID AND YOU ARE THE TAX COLLECTOR! - The tax is that you will hammer the option qb every single time he runs option towards you (which is a legal play because he is now considered a "ball carrier" and DEs dont know if he has pitched the ball or not (good to play dumb a bit here!" lol....

The second part pf QB option defense comes from SECONDARY CONTAIN (can be OLB safety or CB depending on scheme) - they pick up the "pitch man" every single play (often the RB) - when the QB pitches the ball - he tackles the ballcarrier that the QB pitches the ball to - This player has to have complete faith in his DE that he will make the play on the QB (and the DE has to have faith that this player will make the play on the pitch man) and together they will be a success...

If both players do their job the option will be shutdown - (and their QB will be so beaten up that he wont want to run option again...) lol

To defend the option in Madden 25 wrote:

   You first press LT/L2 to enter Defensive Keys

   Then it depends on whether you want to attack the QB or the RB:

   –   Press X/Square to have the Read defender go after the Running back – The Read will crash and chase the Running back

   –   Press A/X to have the Read Defender go after the Quarterback – The Read will stay at home and attack the QB when he starts running

So it looks like Madden has taken a play out of my HS defensive playbook - and allowed the defense to properly defend the read option in Madden 25!!!

Only problem i see is guys QUICK SNAPPING so you cant get these adjustments put in before the snap (if its unclear what side he will run option to - this would mean u would have to make these adjustments to 4 players - plus any other adjustments you like to make...) - thATS A LOT OF ADJUSTMENTS TO GET DONE - AND GUYS SNAP ASAP U WONT BE ABLE TO CALL THE PLAY YOU WANTED - (which is huge BS in my eyes...)

Glad they brought these defensive adjustments in but such "basic football tactics" should be able to be put in UNIVERSALLY so that they apply for every down - or for a specific formation (until you deem it necessary to change...) I do see quick snap being a glitchy way to overcome this basic defensive counter....


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