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The BASICS on how to run a succesful League!

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The BASICS on how to run a succesful League!

Post by Admin on Sun Jul 14, 2013 6:47 pm

Well the main thing that makes a successful league - BEYOND ANYTHING ELSE - is finding 32 players who have the same idea of what league play should be...

If everyone in your league is not of the same Madden beliefs - you will have revolving doors... example you mentioned that you may limit the number of trades allowed early in leagues existence - many players join leagues to "manage" their team as they see fit - telling these players they cant make a trade may rub people the wrong way but if you find 32 guys that feel that roster should maintain intact (and be the same as the real NFL rosters...) - such a policy would make sense...

SO what i am saying is try to find players with the same corp Madden beliefs of your league - (example if you want to play in a league without rules - anything goes aka freestyle league - then you will want to find players who agree with sort of ideal...) - 2 ways to look at this:

1) Have a popular corp of league beliefs opens more members to you - but there are also many other leagues that compete for these same players....

2) Have a unique set of corp beliefs - finding players is more difficult because there is less of them but when you find players who share the same ideals they will be more loyal (but it will be a struggle to find 32 and subsequent normal replacements...) - example my community of leagues revolves around SIM style FANTASY DRAFT - that's not everyone's "cup of tea" but players who enjoy SIM FANTASY DRAFT love our leagues and are highly dedicated...

The other key aspect to running a successful league is to have a steady flow of players... Most of the players that join your league "wont work out..." - the goal is to find those dedicated longterm players who play in your league every year...

There are many ways to recruit players - I am sure you have seen the hundreds of posts in these forums - if you have a niche style league - this is a good method to find players - but if you have a mainstream style league, its hard to differentiate yourself and you get overlooked easily...

Another suggestion is to play lots of lobby games - if you find a player that fits your leagues playing style - tell them about your league! In addition playing in other leagues is a great way to find players - (but dont be "that guy" who joins a league solely to recruit players for his league! lol) - Play in the league - show you are an active - a solid member that is respected and as you get to know other members tell them about your league!

But the best way to get quality members is to ask existing solid members of your league for referrals! If you are doing a great job, your members will be happy to send you their friends that they know who will fit in great for what your league is about (aka qualified referals...) - This form of recruiting builds on itself - You tell 2 friends - they tell 2 friends who tell 2 friends and so on!!!!

As far as running your league goes - My best advice is to be consistent with clear expectations - Never play favorites and have a set routine that players can count on... If you do this - no matter what style of league you have - it will be easier league to run and you will have more success (which is ultimately more fun for everyone!)


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