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Post by GREENERRRR on Mon Jun 10, 2013 5:44 am

As a qb he makes good decisions - he doesn't force passes (and will take a sack instead of forcing a pass in to coverage)

He has cutler at qb - he plays the "qb run game" if u play man to man d, his first read is if you have a spy - if you don't he lets his WRs run deep (so all defenders are out of play and he scrambles for easy 15 to 20 yards (doesn't work as well vs zone - and CUTLER Isn't super fast so it could be worse) simple counter - WHEN IN MAN - have a player play spy! (Someone faster then Cutler - ideally a fast DE and put him at DT so that u still get pass rush pressure from edge...

He throws to FOSTER a lot - more swing passes and screens (best to user defend with a cover LB - blow up those screen passes manually)

He runs the ball well with Foster - plays a lot of draws and inside handoffs from 3 and 4 WR sets - use a fast LB to attack foster so if he runs draw he is dead but at same time this LB is fast enough to recover and pick up Foster man to man if he goes into a pass route...

His OLINE is good (no weak spots)

He spreads passes equally around WR WRIGHT - WR MARTIN - TE SINGLETON... They are big / possession recievers (they won't out run you ) but he looks to make user catches and uses their great height to "out jump" you...

Only WR u have to worry about getting behind you is KATE'S (but his slow acceleration is a weakness) - but his 97 speed can stretch the field and u have to respect it - he manly plays this KATES on the slot...

all WRs have solid CIT so hit sticking them after catches is not going to work well - especially with their size advantage...

On defense the DL beside 1 DT is Medicore - his LBs are slow (with the exception of the 99 speed MLB he got in year 2 draft) but the player is dumb as nails (u need to USER play him to have any advantage with him)

His fastest DB is oddly his SS - his cbs are slow (I think he plays more zone defense to compensate for their lack if speed) - but if you can get a matchup with a speed WR (man to man) - you may be able to go deep...

Use PERCISION PASS to find those seems in zones - big opportunity there...

Mazz is a good player - no shame in losing to him - he has game (and he inherited his team - wait and see how good he is in madden 25 when he drafts his own squad that fits his playing style...)
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