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TITANS SEASON 4 trade block

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TITANS SEASON 4 trade block

Post by johnnylagz17 on Sat Feb 02, 2013 7:56 pm

My team is stacked and I'm willing to deal (yes I know not a huge shock) .

I won't trade JPP , RB Murray or a few others but most my team is up for trade .

I could trace a great young Cb , Des I have a ton (some of my players are max development).


MLB BACK UP CHEAP SOLID GUY - Ashlee Palmer . Not expecting much

C- COOK . Pretty solid center/guard and I'm willing to trade for cheap usually like to package though but also all my players have cap friendly salaries.

SS/FS. Rookie Reyna and Maca? - need 1 in return Lawson's for the future but ill talk a deal for him too .

CBS- I have so many might as well trade one I have C Callendar , D Davis (he's off limits), J hosley(giants fan hard to let him go) , J Rob , A smith , a few others who could start for any team at minimum #2 and will progress into #1s. Most are young except p cox and smith .

DE - CHARLES JOHNSON- he performs like my best De he's probably been out performing JPP every season for me , I just got a rookie De I'd like to develop so I'm willing to trade him he's a monster seriously .

DT I have no1 worth it .

Oline I may have some others .

-Olb maybe .robbins whose a beast .back up J Cas. Speed 87. Would go cheap .

Needs? Sort of need 1 Safety , a diff MLB, my an to develop already lol , youth at wr and maybe a dominance DT or Guard .

Could also use a younger TE if he's worth it cook jr could be in the trade.

Always like picks but my teams only really a qb , rg and SS away from being solid every where .

I'll listen to any fair or test the waters type offers and respect them .


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