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All Contact Info

Post by VanillaSmooth on Tue Dec 18, 2012 4:41 pm

AFC North
Baltimore Ravens (@BROADWAY_BLITZ)- 212 882 1448
Cleveland Browns (@ripfmee2pjh)-8584722752
Pittsburgh Steelers (@burrinthepaint)- 412-728-4193
Cincinnati Bengals (@SPlN-360)- 774 305 1640

AFC South
Indianapolis Colts (@CiRooKYLN)-
Houston Texans (@DAQBKILLAS8667) 571-289-0092
Jacksonville Jaguars (@CharlieHustle76)- 856-905-7675
Tennessee Titans (@bigbotoinu)-
AFC East
Buffalo Bills (@chizz522)- 5183313872
Miami Dolphins (@EdibleZs) (724) 759-8139
New England Patriots (@Dr_McNoob)- 774 826 6935
New York Jets (@FREDROCKS-DC)- 301-712-8584

AFC West
Oakland Raiders (@dcolon3)- 646 260 3923
Denver Broncos (@ADHolliday2BSF)- 7069366233
Kansas City Chiefs (@kimo-realist)-
San Diego Chargers (@lilreen)-

NFC North
Chicago Bears (@BwareOfDaD-Fence)- 2253719734
Detroit Lions (@krockgizm016)-
Green Bay Packers (@gpatt55)- 310-400-4353
Minnesota Vikings (@Twenty5staks) 774 929 5667

NFC South
New Orleans Saints (@crankitupp) 281 723 6782
Atlanta Falcons (@coneyislandblack)- 718-864-8341
Carolina Panthers (@fhpt317)- 904-377-2970
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (@GREENERRRR)- 289-241-4968

NFC East
New York Giants (@kavorka2) 956 592 2838
Dallas Cowboys (@I_LovE_AreolaS)- 951-850-1333
Philadelphia Eagles (@mattyrock1533) 518 752 6574
Washington Redskins (@WEASEL_)- 9177211265

NFC West
San Francisco 49ers (@KrisJ_85)- 903-220-1486
Seattle Seahawks (@Mos3ttiKid22)- 518-779-7017
Arizona Cardinals (@BROWARDGOONS)- 3052988359
St. Louis Rams (@rambro_black)- 240-988-6346

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