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URGOD83 and his Redskins .

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URGOD83 and his Redskins .

Post by johnnylagz17 on Mon Oct 08, 2012 1:31 pm

Squib kicks almost every time ..started the game that way . (I said something to no reply or mullets help either).

He runs the hurry up O and audibles but stops if you seem to have him stuck or if you stop him/change situation a sack ect.. Nothing cheep just a pain lol .

He can run with his qb so just be mindful of that .

I was running on him decently and throwing on him as well . He will blitz whichever gap/outside he needs to if he thinks it's a run but waits just long enough some counter wouldnt catch him off guard either .

He can't run that well thanks to his running backs Benson/Williams but Logan probably could be a Pain.

He gets picked off a lot or did against my team .

My only problem was contacting this guy , the 1st night we simmed I asked mullet what's his contact info I can't find it on the site.. Nothing ..kept asking ..nothing..then mullet says I might get a CPU game..dude comes on ..we play it kicks at the 4th qtr I had been winning the entire game until a quick bomb TD on a blown coverage and a pick six..

Then I went and scored and he went 3-out about to be the end of third down it desyncs!?!

I tell mullet..he says get the game in ..the guy gets offline saying hell be back later ..I tell mullet and mullet sims it ..

I feel screwed bc I couldn't schedule agame ..also don't like the fact that the rules says you can't squib kick until certain points and he did every time expect maybe twice..

Some reason I got screwed over I was on for 2 days , tried to friend him(nothing from Friday-Sunday mourning) , messages him , looked on here, asked mullet repeatedly and even asked greener just incase. But the game gets simmed?

It's not bc I lost that bugged me but it's my 2nd loss what bugged me is the xp you don't get ..and the way I never got a real explanation of why it was simmed besides it was 3 hours after advance (not my fault and that should of been known) .

And he's in my division (NFC east) ..I don't want this to happen again and it shouldn't be ..


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