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GREENERRRR league ONE SIM in 6 weeks! WOW!

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GREENERRRR league ONE SIM in 6 weeks! WOW!

Post by GREENERRRR on Mon Oct 01, 2012 12:21 am

GREENERRRR league is in week 6 and we have had only 1 SIM game! (and that game was an odd fluke where in first 24 hours 1 playewr was doing a double shift at work - and on the 2nd day of the playn period the other player had a points championship for the stock car he racres - NOBODOIES FAULT IT WAS SIMED - JUST A SCREWBBALL SIUATION) - with a lil luck we could have played 6 weeks without a game being SIMed!!!

My challnege is 2 fold - 1 to the members of GREENERRRR lg - keep up the pace - I know its harder as the season progresses - Teams fall out of contention and playn your games can be seen as "meaningless" but this is not true this year - the progression of your players is tied directly to their peformance - so gwet on the field and eaRN YOUR PLAYERS xp - plus it can be very satisfyying playing the spoiler role - ITS A LOT OF FUN DESTROYING AN OPPONENTS PLAYOFF ASPIRATIONS - AND CAN BE EVEN MORE SATISFYING IF IT VS A DIVISIONAL RIVAL!

If these arent reasons enough for you - try using a different play book - or use different plays that u normally would use.... You may find new strategies that will become part of your everyday gameplan!!!!

The 2nd part of my challenge is to other leagues... ALl of our leagues have fantastioc particpation well over 80% - but we have shown that even a higher standard of particpation is acheivable - Help opponents get games in by sending PLAY YOUR GAME MESSAGES - and if guys are consistantly having their games SIMed - perhaps they dont have time for the league and their membership should be evaluated!!!
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