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BIGMULLET and his Eagles

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BIGMULLET and his Eagles

Post by johnnylagz17 on Sun Sep 30, 2012 9:46 am

He ran the clock out as always which worked completely in my favor .

Threw 2 ints , tries to run the ball outside with McCoy and if he gets there well you know the deal averaged 5.4 yards a carry .

He likes to hit quick passes if possible to Holmes or Hernandez .

Of you stop any1 part of him game you should be able to pull out in front but he doesn't just quit on anything so don't think you've killed his run or pass game yet .

TOS killed him as flowers played a close coverage and intercepted a quick no look type pass for a TD .

Helayed for. Behind for the most part and his game may be to run more with McCoy not positive but I think being behind knocked him off is game plan even though he still let the clock just tick away to only hurt himself ..

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