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Srry_jaypwnedu and his Pats

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Srry_jaypwnedu and his Pats

Post by johnnylagz17 on Sun Sep 30, 2012 9:21 am

This guy plays like Peyton manning with constant hurry up Offenses which is ok it can get to you just do like the real players do and adjust or he'll have you beat.

He can run or pass depends on what you give him , he doesn't like to be down by more than 7 pts at any point .

He likes to throw a lot more than run but he will run on you .

Hell drop his qb wayyy back then move around to open guys up if you play zone(thought you couldn't do this?) .

On plays where it may be a run he likes to use troy polomalu and blit the gap between rt and rg forcing you outside ..if you run outside then he'll start blitzing outside to pull you into the line ..sometimes on Playactions he'll get your qb this way .

He like doing draws , had 2 KRs go deep on me 1 for a TD .. (goes 1 way breaks a tackle with a spin or juke or luck lol and then runs away from every1 .)

So watch out for Weems and Hester on kick offs .

I noticed ray rice ran all over him any where I wanted , tannehill had a solid game but we also had 3 ints .. He can cover , but that's tannehill ... On obvious deep passes as he had me beat the entire game until the 4th qtr at the end ..


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