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STEELERS trade block

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STEELERS trade block

Post by CassiusRocknRoll on Tue Sep 25, 2012 4:13 pm

QB Matt Flynn

WR L.Hawkins 26yrs old (80ovr 92spd 94acc 90jmp)
WR K.Williams 24yrs old (76ovr 82spc 88jmp 92spd 92agi 94acc)

LT W.Svitek 30yrs old (81ovr 85pbk 80rbk

DT D.Scoot 25yrs old (73ovr 90str 84bsh 80tak 90inj)
DT J.Powe 25yrs old (72ovr 82str 81pmv 89bsh

RE F.Rucker 28yrs old (80ovr- 81pmv 93tak 82acc)

SS Q.Demps 27yrs old (75ovr 89spd 93acc)

MY PSN is CassiusRocknRoll. Plz send response to my PSN or Text me @ 6024996668

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