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Post by Cheddah_Cheez on Mon Sep 20, 2010 9:55 pm

I probably played the most frustrating game of my life against the Texans (Greenerrrr). He pounds the rock like I do, except Shon Greene is a monster who never falls backward, so it's virtually impossible to stop him for a loss. He runs primarily out of big sets, usually 1 WR 2RB 2 TE sets. Sometimes the fullback will be offset. Like anyone who pounds the rock, does a solid job of mixing up what gap he runs to, sometimes throws some motion in the mix, sometimes uses it as a decoy. When he did throw, it wasn't anything too special, but the frustrating thing about it was that the 2 key times I picked him off, my running back fumbled the following play. Evil or Very Mad He was up 13-7 early in the 4th but I was able to move it downfield, quicker than I had wanted because it left way too much time on the clock, and knowing he was gonna run the ball, would not leave me anytime unless I figured out a way to stop him. Had a chance to stop him late in the game when I was up by 1, and he ran a WR screen that caught me off guard which allowed his drive to continue.

Solid game all around, but frustrating loss. Oh well at least I get Boldin back after 9 weeks without him next week and the chance to make a push for the wildcard.
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