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Post by GREENERRRR on Fri Aug 24, 2012 1:49 am

This article is reproduced with permission from our friends at MaddenUniversity.com

players are constantly looking for even the slightest advantage.
Sometimes making the right call at the right time is all the advantage
we need. Planning ahead for game time decisions makes deciding the
right play easy. Whether it's 3rd and long, 4th and goal, or the
offense is backed up in the shadow of it's own goal posts; Madden
players that plan ahead win more than players that call plays randomly.
This tip, submitted by legacy member "TruthBTold" relates an experience

he had at a tournament that changed the way he approaches game planning.

Almost every NFL
coach and quarterback uses some type of play call sheet for reference in
critical high-pressure game time situations. If it's a good way to
manage a real NFL signal caller, why not use them to improve play
calling in a Madden game?

TruthBTold says, "I once played an opponent in a tournament that used a wrist band call sheet - HE WON."

the game he mentioned how much easier his call sheet made calling plays
in tough situations. It made sense. To use a call sheet in a game,
someone must plan what to do in several situations before the game when
there's no pressure. Once in the game, the hard decision of planning
what play to call has already been made. Only executing the plan
matters. Opponents without a call sheet still have to deal with the
decision of what play to call and executing the plan. Players with call
sheets have one less thing to think about.

The rest of the article can be viewed at:

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