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Prioritizing Rookies to be part of FD draft ppol

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Prioritizing Rookies to be part of FD draft ppol

Post by Bigmullet on Sun Aug 19, 2012 11:51 am

Prioritizing Rookies to be part of FD draft ppol

.Its no secret - in fantasy draft leagues that play multiple seasons like this one - young players - in paticular rookies are always prioritized in the fantasy draft...

To ensure that everyone gets a fair chance at all young players i am thinking i will drop all rookies who are 65 and over and all 1st year players that are 70 and over - EVEN IF THEY ARE NOT PART OF YOUR TEAMS TOP 20... If i drop a player like this - i will add a correponding player from FA thats older - plays the same position and is of the same calibre as the youngster i am making part of the fantasy draft pool...

Bottom line - i want all players that would legitmately be taken in a true fantasy draft to be available in our workaround - this may mean that we will extend our fantasy draft past 20 rounds - and if we have to do that - its ok!

In the end i dont want anyone to get an unfair advantage because the team they started with is deeper with young players that just didnt happen to make the 20 player cutoff - 1 of the main attractions to FD leagues is that everyone starts on equal footing and your team is successful based on the decisions thjat you make - I want to be sure to capture this aspect in our workaround for madden 13.


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