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If u want to be part of GC - Read and Reply Here!

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If u want to be part of GC - Read and Reply Here!

Post by GREENERRRR on Sat Aug 18, 2012 4:28 pm

Governing Council members have to be in good standing within the PS3MG... They have to play all their games... They must follow all the rules... Be active on the forums... Have a good reputation in the community... Know the Madden game well - be versed in the going-ons of the game.... A GC member must be willing to voice their opinions and effect change when it is needed!!!

Post in this thread if you think you would be a good GC member - be sure to post your "madden resume" and explain to us why you should be part of the council....
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Re: If u want to be part of GC - Read and Reply Here!

Post by johnnylagz17 on Tue Oct 02, 2012 11:37 am

I had my own league before meeting greener maybe madden 10 ?

I was on the GC as joker in the old forum/website.

I always play my games ASAP and I may be the most active member on the threads after greener (assuming most ppl just talk in the chat room though).

I've known the rules and pretty much had them memorized I'd rather lose than cheat to win .

I'm a fair guy who considers others opinions , feelings but I also have tons of my own opinions and won't be easily swayed by ay1 I hold allegiance to this community and am willing to help others out or even just let them vent to me occasionally lol .

I'm 1 of the reasons the 4th and 1 on the 49 or more rule was made my example was based on the pats during their undefeated season(18-1) where they went for it on 4th down anyway to ice games , among other reasons like if you have a solid drive sometimes coaches will gamble .

I'm a huge fan of football , I follow the draft, madden , NFL and their rules/plays/new tweaks to plays (like the year the wildcat apfor the phins and Ronnie brown came out ) .

I played every sport pretty much and box though currently can't due to injuries but the point is I played , I've been around the amptomosphere of the real thing as a fan and player (not pro or collegiate for playing though unfortunately).

I stuck around until the leagues died for MLB 2 years ago and never leave madden until every1 else sort of bounces for the next season (lack of players stops me during say may after the draft ..seems to die out sadly) .

I can host my own league , I respect every1 and never argue with intent to do anything but show my opinion not to start a fight or anything .

It's hard to get me mad and I don't hold real grudges about anything here though a close loss in a playoff game means we're now rivals in madden lol but out of respect .

Never trash talk , never break the rules ,I always play and I'm in 3 leagues (greeners,mullets and chizzs). Extremely active .

I was in from the beginning with the work around fantasy drafts and even tried to help as ppl wouldn't drop their players or pick them up which was making everything harder so I went and listed all the guys who at the time needed to either get dropped or picked up ,

Haven't missed a game or draft , don't mind losing so I won't be leaving for any reason like going 2-10 after a solid 4-0 start ..just gives me time to grow my players .

I've been a member since I've been paying online/can recall for these leagues and besides having a surgery stop me 1 year never miss a season .

You can rely on me. And I have the time as my work schedules easy right now and if I'm ever overwhelmed by any thing I'll admit it instead of just letting the stress eats at me or ruin a league .

I take this seriously (for a video game and entertainment but also for competition,)

I would say I did well last time I was on the council and I never push anything just suggest so we all can enjoy the game more without cheaters getting away with anything.

Sorry this was so long mornings are uhm interesting for me right now lol .

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