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Establishing an Effective Madden 13 Run Game

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Establishing an Effective Madden 13 Run Game

Post by GREENERRRR on Sat Aug 18, 2012 5:31 am

This article was reproduced with permission from our friends at madden-school.com and was written by Niner_Fan_#1.

With Madden 13 just around the corner, we
are all starting to wonder how to piece together our offense. Football
is a physical game, and though not always necessary, a strong running
game will always help your cause. Not only will it force the defense to
respect you, but it can often open up the passing game for you as well.
So the main question is, how do you develop a strong fundamental running

You can always start by choosing a scheme to run with, no pun
intended. Your scheme should represent the back you have closely. If you
have Marshawn Lynch, you should be pounding the ball up the middle. On
the contrary, if you have Chris Johnson outside runs will allow CJ to
take advantage of his speed. That being said, remember to be diverse and
switch it up. Run a variety of inside and outside runs and make sure
the defense can’t guess what you’re running. The last thing you want is
James Harrison exploding in the backfield after you ran the same play
three times.

You will likely meet people who can shut down your everyday running
game. Now in this situation you can’t just stop running the football,
that’s what the defense wants you to do. Instead, it would be a good
idea to open up the running game by passing the ball. When you start to
run the ball effectively, the defense will bring more defenders into the
box in order to stop it. The same goes with the passing game. If you
start to make multiple back-to-back completions, the defense will spread
out the field and also add more DB’s on the field. This is when you
want to attack the defense with the running game. Keep the defense
guessing and more importantly, keep them honest. When the defense steps
onto the field, they should have no clue what to expect. If anything
other than that happens, you’re offense is going to be in a lot of

for the remainder of the article Click link below:
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