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Offensive Run plays Defined

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Offensive Run plays Defined

Post by GREENERRRR on Fri Aug 17, 2012 1:23 am

Just saw a post on OS of some clown tryn to define these things and he did a terible job - so i thought i correct him - and since i made the effort to do that - i thought someone on our sight may benefit from this info as well...

quick-hitting offensive play in which a running back ball carrier goes
straight through an A or B gap with no lead blocker; a great many teams
use dive right as their first play of the game apparently on the theory
that it is the simplest play and will allow the team to settle down
before running more complex plays; should be aimed at a bubble in the

pitch by quarterback to a tailback
running wide; usually preceded by a reverse pivot; also the short name
of a sweep play utilizing that method of getting the ball to the


offensive misdirection play involving
several steps by the ball carrier and possibly other backs away from the
actual point of attack, before he changes direction to go toward the
actual point of attack, often involves a pulling lineman who executes a
trap block


offensive play in which a fullback goes through a bubble to block a linebacker followed by a ball carrier

Misdirection play
a type of offensive play that seems to
head in one direction, then goes in another; reverses, traps, and
counters are misdirection plays; may involve faking to one back going
one way and giving to another back going another way or may involve
change of direction by a back

play in which an offensive ball carrier
has the choice of keeping the ball or passing, handing, or tossing it to
a teammate; typically a triple option, speed option, or run-pass option
play; a defender who serves as an option key need not be blocked;
rather, he will be eliminated from the play by making him attack a
player who no longer has the ball when he arrives at that player; option
running plays, in effect, give the offense an extra player in
comparison to other indirect-snap offenses in which the quarterback
hands the ball off or tosses it to another offensive player so early
that the defenders can generally ignore the quarterback thereafter; also
the run-pas option play where the ball carrier has the option to either
run or pass depending upon which looks best at the moment

running play in which a quarterback drops back as if to pass then
suddenly gives the ball to a running back standing next to him or runs
with it himself; path of the run is up the middle;

block or play involving such a block on
the outside of the point of attack in which the blocker is a lineman who
pulls out of the line on the snap and blocks his target defensive
lineman outward from the insideĆ 

roll out by a quarterback who is
pretending he does not have the football; so called because some coaches
taught their quarterbacks to hold the ball with one hand on the back of
their hip or thigh to conceal it from the defense
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