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Get Turnovers Back

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Get Turnovers Back

Post by GREENERRRR on Thu Aug 16, 2012 10:31 pm

This article was written by FaceInDaDirt and reproduced with permission from our friends at maddenuniversity.com

Nobody wants to turn the ball
over. Giving up the ball is the quickest way to lose a football game.
Madden isn't any different. To win, players must prioritize protecting
the ball whenever it's in their possession. Making a crucial mistake
that gives up the football isn't the end of the world; sometimes it's
not even the end of the play. Remember, after a turnover, the play
isn't over until the whistle blows. Legacy member FaceInDaDirt, sent in
this tip to illustrate how forcing a turnover isn't just for defenses
Ever pick off a pass, o­nly to fumble the ball back to
the offense o­n the return? Nerve racking. Don't lose you head when you
lose the ball. Instead, use your defensive skills to wrest the ball
away from defenders before your opponent's skilled ball handlers get a
chance to come on the field. Take the ball back when you turn it over
and drive your opponent crazy.

Nothing steals a defense's thunder like forcing a turnover only to give
it back on the same play. Offenses can create their own breaks when
using the strip tackle (L1/LB) and violent collisions (Right Stick).
After the defense recovers a fumble or intercepts a pass, they become
ball carriers. Most defenders have low CAR ratings and will cough up
the rock with little effort. Learn how to tackle to get the best shot at
getting the ball back with a fresh set of downs.

For the remainder of the arti8cle click the link below:

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Re: Get Turnovers Back

Post by General_Hon on Thu Aug 16, 2012 11:38 pm

I hate the strip button. Fumbled so many times even while running around holding the cover ball button which is so unrealistic. How often has a ball carrier cover ball with both arms to protect and still get it stripped? Big hit maybe but not ripped out. Very rare. I hope they fix this


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