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Madden Tips for Beginners

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Madden Tips for Beginners

Post by GREENERRRR on Mon Aug 13, 2012 12:14 pm

This article was reproduced with permission from our friends at madden-school.com

Every August a new Madden game is released and millions of passionate
Madden fans take to the virtual gridiron. Each game is a little
different and because of that new tips and strategies must be developed
for each individual game. However, there are a few universal Madden
tips that have worked dating back for 20 years. For some of the more
experienced gamers out their, these strategies might seem obvious, but
they may help others in their quest for Madden 13 dominance.

  1. Play to your team’s strengths - If you like to use the Green Bay
    Packers, you should choose a playbook that fits their playing style and
    personel. A team like the Packers shouldn’t be used to run 70% of a
    game. Instead you will want to use their talent at quarterback, wide
    receiver and tight end to cause matchup problems for the defense.
  2. Develop a scheme – The most common reason people lose in Madden is
    because they go into a game calling random plays and hoping for the
    best. You should have a scheme that you know works and have specific
    plays ready for specific situations.

see the remainder of the article at:
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