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BIG BIG DISCOVERY!!!!!! (for me anyways)

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BIG BIG DISCOVERY!!!!!! (for me anyways)

Post by CassiusRocknRoll on Fri May 04, 2012 5:20 pm


All def linemen come out in a 3 point stance, so after a while of being on the field or being RAN on for a while your Def starts to fatigued and wear down. SO I NOTICED that when a D-Lineman is TIRED, he will start off in a 3 point stance but the got to a 4 point stance and rest his head down and then will go back yo the 3 point stance and repeat the process till you hike the ball.

So obviously the key to knowing this on the OFFENSIVE side, is that you know which side it'll be easier to run to. And on the DEFENSIVE side to avoid this rotate your d-line. GOOD BACK UPS ARE KEY.


You know when a WR or HB is tired because he will be slouched over with head down and breathing heavy (key for Def to know that you can press WR easier and possibly injure the HB or force a Fumble if he gets the ball). Also the same goes for the QB and Oline. You will notice the Qb will be breathing heavy (his head will be moving up and down. This means than you can injure him if he get hit and that his THP goes down. For the O-line you will notices them hunched over as well and breathing heavy, and this means that your D-line will be more effective.

P.S.- 'I have not looked at DB's and LBS. But i can assume that they would display the same signs. And you know what we do to TIRED CB's...lol"

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