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Attaking Offensive Formations

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Attaking Offensive Formations

Post by GREENERRRR on Tue Apr 17, 2012 12:39 am

This article is reproduced with permission of TNT713 and our friends at MaddenUniversity

Much of the strategy of football is tied to the formations offensive
and defensive teams use to deploy their personnel to best execute their
chosen strategy. Essentially, formation is an example of how position
is inherently relevant to the outcome of every play. Players that pay
keen attention to the formations of their opponents and use their own
knowledge of formations to tip the scales in their favor are steps ahead
of whoever they play.

Defenses must take into account the three elements of football
strategy: Personnel, Position, and Tempo. Where distance is an issue,
players may attempt to regain some of the tempo advantage by using
personnel with more speed. Where timing is an issue, players may opt to
position rushers to blitz a gap closer to the center of the formation.
Where personnel is an issue, players may opt to pick their spots to
ensure heavy pressure is a surprise to their opponent. As with any
competitive endeavor, defensive players must also consider how the
offense will use these aspects and attack in a manner that offsets any
offensive advantage.

In Madden, formations play the same role as they do in real life.
Against less savvy players, sometimes winning the formation battle is
all a player needs to win the game. Grizzled veterans of the Madden
series; however, will present additional obstacles that must also be
overcome. Even so, knowing and understanding the strengths and
weaknesses of an opponent's offensive formation creates opportunities to
avoid playing into their strengths and allows defenses to capitalize on
the weaknesses.

There are many ways defenses can attack formations to minimize the
offense's chances at success on any given play. For this article, we
will discuss several basic offensive formations and how defenses are
likely to attack them. At the end of this article, players should gain
confidence in their ability to attack most offensive formations while
being able to recognize when their own offensive plays are in jeopardy.

to view the remainder of this article - click the link below:

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