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Make Bombs a THREAT!

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Make Bombs a THREAT!

Post by GREENERRRR on Mon Apr 16, 2012 6:26 pm

This article is reproduced with permission of TNT713 and our friends at MaddenUnversity

As Madden players develop their offensive
skills, many find the need to better attack with deep routes in the
passing. There are many methods to maximize the effectiveness of the
deep ball including running on early downs to bring the safeties closer
to the line of scrimmage, but eventually every player need to find ways
to execute the deep ball on whatever occasions them to throw it. This
tip, originally submitted by MaddenBowl62, illustrates a key principle
of getting the most out long passes whether the bomb is your primary
threat or whether it's setup by the run.

Deep passes are an effective weapon to stretch defensive coverages.
While it helps to have speedy receivers that can outrun coverage and a
quarterback with a cannon arm to deliver the ball down the field, almost
every quarterback/receiver combination can make the deep ball an
offensive threat with a few some basic mechanics adjustments.

first step is to time the route and throw so the receiver has the best
chance of beating the defender to the ball. On streaks to the outside,
the ball is best timed when thrown after the quarterback has taken a
7-step drop and steps up into the pocket before releasing the ball.
When throwing, be sure to tap the ball while pressing UP on the left
stick to chuck the ball the pass as far down field as the quarterback
can throw it.

to view the rest of this article - click the link below:

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