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Post by GREENERRRR on Mon Apr 16, 2012 6:11 pm

This article is reproduced with permission of our friends at Madden University -

The ability to maneuver to the proper location and catch with precise
timing is a rare talent in the NFL. Players that can catch are valuable
all over the field. That's why user catching passes is one of the most
relevant skills Madden players can develop. It comes in handy in all
phases: Offense, Defense, and Special Teams. Whether making a user
pick in traffic, adjusting receivers to poorly thrown balls, or catching
a punt with a running start - User Catch skills are well worth the
practice time because they come in handy constantly.

This tip, submitted by legacy member "shftmotion," illustrates a technique to user catch passes at their highest point to prevent defenders from making a play on the ball. If you have personnel with size (HT), good hands (CTH, SPC), and jumping ability (JMP) user catching high passes leads to more victories.

This technique is effective against Cover 2 zones and Cover 1 man coverages with virtually any pass play with a receiver lined up wide. It becomes an even bigger threat after completing a deep pass or two. Instead of trying to out run the defense, try to put the receiver in better position to make a play on a high trajectory ball. The higher a pass is thrown, the smaller the area where a play on the ball is possible. Not only can you minimize the area the defender can make a play, but jumping to catch the ball means defenders moving to the passing reticule will be yards away from making a tackle.

Begin the pre-snap adjustments by hot routing the widest receiver to a streak. Snap the ball and lob a pass after counting your quarterback's 5th or 7th step. Be sure to tap the receiver's icon button to get air under the ball, but don't push up on the left stick. The goal is to throw the pass high and short instead of over the receiver's head.

pls view the rest and entire article at:

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