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who is on what team in season 6

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who is on what team in season 6

Post by GREENERRRR on Sun Apr 08, 2012 6:45 pm

Updated league lineup - steelers and Giants are weak teams that got run down by their owners - They will be left vacant for season 6 so they get a TOP pick and i will look to augment their team when opportunities present themselves...

AFC East
Jets- ScottieMoe
Pats- fhpt317
Dolphins- drMcNoob
Bills- Cantbbeat83

AFC North
Bengals - Yerp617
Ravens- ishitonpplo2 -
Browns- CirOOkLyn

AFC West
Raiders- mrRAJESH
chiefs - dabrickwall39
Broncos - RIPxPatTillman40

AFC South

titans- bigmullet
colts - CRASH_3735
Texans - bwareofdefernse

NFC West
Seahawks - R088
49ers- infamousbutcher
Rams - browardgoons
Cards- Vill809

NFC North

Falcons - krockgizmo
Bucs - General_Hon
panthers - Kavorka2 - Lions
Sainst - funmasher

NFC East

cowboys - coneyislandblack
Giants -
Eagles - bbrooks5
Redskins - grimxreefer

bears - trump
Lions - chrisdstan
Packers - chizz522
Vikings - Mos3kid
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