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If u have to recruit on EA forums r u #1? LOL!

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If u have to recruit on EA forums r u #1? LOL!

Post by GREENERRRR on Thu Mar 01, 2012 6:00 pm

I just fell out of my chair laughing at post made by Madden Shit Leagues - according to them the are #1 place to play BUT THEIR 2ND BEST LEAGUE HAS TOI RECRUIT FROM THE EA FORUMS TO FIND MEMBERS!!!! LOL

What a joke this is - if u are TRUELY a successful league - and TRUELY have 1000+ members like they claim - WHY DO U HAVE TO BEG GUYS FROM EA FORUMS TO PLAY IN YOUR LGS?

Dont misinturpret me - if u are starting out and need players - thats a great place to start... and at the Beginning of each year i post there for an OVERALL MEMBERSHIP DRIVE - but if u have 4 spots in your 2nd best league and cant fill them from NATURAL NETWORK OF PLAYERS THAT U ALREADY HAVE - THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG!!!!

All of our LGs have been full for MONTHS - and no way GREENERRRR lg or CHIZZ league would ever take some RANDOM guy from a reply post at EA FORUMS! WOW - clearly that league is struggling - and what a joke to say your #1 when u have to BEG for players - AFTERALL, IF U ARE SO POPULAR - WHY NOT JUST GET 4 PLAYERS FROM YOUR 1000+ NETWORK OF PLAYERS? lol!
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I agree.

Post by GameMediaEmpire on Sun Sep 02, 2012 2:47 am

The EA forums is a joke greener. If u need members hit me up I know many site that can help.

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