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Cowboy (berto1981) sanctioned

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Cowboy (berto1981) sanctioned

Post by GREENERRRR on Fri Feb 10, 2012 5:20 am

In the game between berto and chrisdstan, late in the game when chrisdstan was kicking a chip shot FG to win, Berto initiated excessive grieving and the game was forced into a TIE (chrisdstan wasnt given the option to NOT count the game)... Berto has appologized for his actions - he explained that his frustrations were not because of anything chrisdstan did - just frustration with his players and the overall madden game (which i am sure we all can relate too)...

I am happy to hear of berto's regret - but he must face a tangible sanction and chrisdstan must be compensated for a game that ended up being a TIE when it should have been a WIN...

The sanction for this incident is as follows:

If chrisdstan doesnt make the playoffs because he had a TIE as oppose to a WIN, chrisdstan will recieve the following players in the offseason:

RB MURRAY 83 ovr; FS WHITNER 87 ovr; MLB DANSBY 84 ovr

If chrisdstan does make the playoffs - christdstan will receive ONE (his choice) of the following players in the offseason:

RB MURRAY 83 ovr; FS WHITNER 87 ovr; MLB DANSBY 84 ovr

Let this be a warning 2 those players who BREAK RULES - u will be held accounatble; and a big respect going to Berto - he OWNED this bad situation from start to finish - he new he made a miustake and DID WHAT HE HAD TO DO TO MAKE IT AS CLOSE TO RIGHT AS HE COULD! I have much respect for this effort...
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Re: Cowboy (berto1981) sanctioned

Post by General_Hon on Sat Feb 11, 2012 1:03 am

That's a lot of strength to own it. Much respect for making it right


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