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Week 13 Game Of The Week

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Week 13 Game Of The Week

Post by VanillaSmooth on Thu Jan 19, 2012 8:00 pm

Philadelphia Eagles 8-3 VS. Seattle Seahawks 7-4

The Game Of The Week this week is another match up of the BIRDS! The 8-3 Eagles look to take on the 7-4 Seahawks. This is a big game for the Seahawks as this is a must win for them. The Seahawks are apart of the dreaded NFC West. Which includes 3 teams in the top 3. The Seahawks are currently 3rd in the division and if they wanna keep their hopes alive for the playoffs they need a WIN this week. The Eagles on the other hand have a 3 game lead in the NFC East over the Dallas Cowboys but if they want a first round bye they are going to have to win the rest of their games and need the some help from the Cowboys to beat the Arizona Cardinals this week as well to over come the #2 seed as they lost to the Cardinals week 10 21-17. So there is a lot riding on this game but lets get into the keys to the game...

Eagles Keys To Victory:
1) Slow down Offensive Player of the Year Candidate HB J.Stewart. The Seahawks have a 1-2 punch at HB with J.Stewart and M.Forte which has shown almost unstoppable as they are 2nd in the league in rushing
2) HB C.Johnson needs to have a big game (as always). He is the key to this team and he is going up against the 7th best D in the league
3) Attack the young CB core of the Seahawks with the likes of CB J.Smith, CB M.Gilchrist & CB J.Brown u need to attack that

Seahawks Keys To Victory:
1) Slow Down C.Johnson. He is a Pro Bowler for sure this year and he wants the league title for rushing yards. But in the past teams that stop him win
2) R.Mallet is the key. The Eagles actually pass for than they rush so if you can get to R.Mallett you will win
3) If N.Suh has a good game you will win. Suh needs to control the O-Line of the Eagles

My Predictions:
Who ever has the better running game this week that will be the team that will win. Both of they teams have a lot to fight for this week and it is all on the line and I am sure these two coaches will bring out all the stops. The TO Battle will also determine this game. Whoever has the most takeaways this week is who will win. Wish I could watch this game but I hope to read about it.

Seahawks 24 Eagles 21

I think the Seahawks pull a rabbit out the hat and take this one by a late field goal!

what are your predictions? did i get it right or completely off? let me know what you think

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