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Lions looking ahead to offseason

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Lions looking ahead to offseason

Post by McNoob on Tue Jan 10, 2012 7:27 pm

Currently hanging to a 1-7 record (with the lone victory coming against another team with zero wins), the Lions players, coaches, and fans know there's very little chance of the team successfully reaching the playoffs.

The Lions' front office has admitted to already planning ahead to next season. They know the team will need to establish a new foundation on offense and defense by way of youth and veteran mentoring. With free agency most likely lacking in the youth department, the front office will need to lean on the draft to rebuild this team. But with so many holes, fans and critics are wondering, "where do they start?"

The Lions' most glaring weakness is arguably the quarterback position, which has had the likes of Rusty Smith, Kerry Collins, and Matt Moore being shuffled around with limited success. Smith is a young player who has shown glimpses of potential, however his overall performance on the field has fans skeptical he'll be anything other than a career benchwarmer. Collins is on the opposite spectrum in terms of age and experience, but he himself has not proven he can lead a team to victory this late in his career. Moore, who's not too young nor old, is probably the Lions' best bet going forward, and could be a decent game manager if given the tools. However, unless the Lions are able to acquire someone like college phenom Cobie Ross in the upcoming draft, the team will have far from enough tools to enable Moore to succeed.

That is why we (and hopefully the Lions' front office as well) have our eyes on QB Peter Newcomer. He has both the arm and the legs to be a unique specimen in this league. Ryan Kaiser may be the more NFL-ready QB, however as we've been shown, the Lions are far from an NFL-ready team. Plus, Newcomer's ability to scramble and create plays will be a major benefactor to the Lions' stagnant offense, which currently relies on ancient Thomas Jones to provide the offensive spark.

It remains to be seen whether Newcomer declares for the draft this year, or even if he's still on the board when the Lions' select. But if worse comes to worst, there will still be plenty of talent on the board which the Lions can use to address other important areas of concern, notably Linebacker, Cornerback, and Receiver.

Just no more Rusty Smith, please!


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Re: Lions looking ahead to offseason

Post by VanillaSmooth on Tue Jan 10, 2012 9:47 pm

Amazing write up McNoob way to make the lions team interesting, keep it up

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