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Jags vs Texans

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Jags vs Texans

Post by General_Hon on Sat Jan 07, 2012 12:43 am

A back and forth nail biter in overtime. The jags got back in the win column, doing what the head coach promised, getting Dallas Clark more opportunities to take the heat off the running game.

The Texans blew up the Jags defense with 2 big runs out of the wildcat formation to continue on their trend of power running. Successful counter and power plays had the Jags veteran d-line stars on their heals.

Against the Jags man coverage, the Texans took advantage of quick slants and quick corner routes to force Jacksonville back to their base zone coverage. 2 pick 6's for CB Eric Wright as the cover 2 squat corner kept the Jags in the game. Defensively, the Texans were consistently a man to man team though on 3rd and long went with zone coverage now and then.

The division rivals are now tied and the stage is set for a big rematch later in the year


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